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    A month later and many friends and families are still torn apart over the election. Not speaking to each other. Unfriending each other on social media. Chick2Chick “chirps” with a Conflict Resolution Expert on how to get past the hurt and “Mend Political Fences with Family and Friends”.

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    An Italian TV Anchor Veteran and an almost Irish soccer mom turned TV Lifestyle Correspondent walked into a bar… Well, isn’t this how all good stories begin? Or is it a joke? Whichever, it might as well be the beginning to the story of Flora Posteraro and Carrie Perry. A fun, smart and sassy match in the making! Check out the Chicks in the Central PA Business Journal: Chick2Chick podcast: Armchair therapy with a business twist As Posteraro and Perry tell it, Chick2Chick was really hatched on a personal level 16 years ago. The two met at elementary School where their chicklets attended class. Between talent shows and May Fairs, they…