Meet The Chicks!

An Italian TV Anchor Veteran and an almost Irish soccer mom turned TV Lifestyle Correspondent walked into a bar… Well, isn’t this how all good stories begin? Or is it a joke? Whichever, it might as well be the beginning to the story of Flora Posteraro and Carrie Perry. A fun, smart and sassy match in the making!

As Posteraro and Perry tell it, Chick2Chick was really hatched on a personal level nearly 15 years ago. The two met at Shaull Elementary School, where their chicklets attended class, between talent shows and May Fairs and quickly hit it off. Then it got really crazy, when Flora would steal Carrie’s baby daughter out of her nest. But like any crazy Aunt, Flora eventually gave her back.

Fast forward to 2019 and Chick2Chick was born on a professional level. No joke, the chicks hatched the first show on April 1, 2019. The episode was called “This Is Us”. Posteraro and Perry were very transparent, letting the audience know all about their personal and professional life.

What is Chick2Chick?

Chick2Chick is a video/audio podcast. People can watch it on, YouTube and/or Facebook, or listen via six different audio podcast channels. We chirp about anything and everything—not much is off limits! Some of the topics have been about the over-the-top nature of prom, legalizing recreational marijuana and the college admissions scandal. We tend to say what others are thinking but may hold back. We also feel the podcast is a chance to give women a platform to talk about issues that are important to them. That’s why we hashtag each episode #realtalk and #womensvoices We come out with a new podcast every Monday morning.

How do you decide what to “chirp” about?

We’re friends, truly, good friends and we do what all girlfriends do—we talk a lot about real things going on in our world as well as the little annoyances of everyday life. There isn’t a day that goes by when something comes up, something is said and our response is, “that’s a podcast”! It can be anything from current events to an issue we are having with our own children. We also run the show, along with our 3rd business partner, so we call the topic shots!

What can we expect from your podcast?

First, if you watch us, you’ll see that we’re relaxing in comfy chairs, shoes off, legs curled up. We’re comfy and relaxed, just like you are when having coffee with a dear friend. Typically, we will have a guest on the show who can offer advice, tips, solutions, more information on whatever we are chirping about. Yet, we can hold our own, too. We know we can offer decent “arm-chair therapy” because we are moms, women who have been in the workforce, married/unmarried, traveled and are basically old enough to have a bit of wisdom to share. We respect your time and like to keep our chirping to about 12-15 minutes in most cases. It’s just the right amount of time for putting on your makeup, heading out to work or running an errand. AND, we try to keep it fun and light-hearted!! There are enough sad stories. Our nest is a happy place!

Anything more than podcasts from the chicks?

We have wings and a nest on wheels so we can be on the move!! We’re looking forward to heading into businesses for our podcasts and chirping from there. We really enjoy getting out of the nest together and going to events, social gatherings, where we can chirp with people. We love to share our shenanigans and post pictures regularly across our collective social media sites! Community service is also very important to both of us. We love to give back! We have hosted many charity events including the LLS Man and Woman of the Year and a fundraiser for the Shalom House, a shelter for women and children.

How can people find the podcast?

The video podcast is on and YouTube. It’s posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @Chick2ChickUSA. We are also on podcast audio channels Stitcher, Spotify, Podbean, GooglePlay, iTunes and TuneIn. Remember, a new podcast is published every Monday morning. #podcast #letschirp #realtalk #womensvoices Chick2Chick is produced by PennWatch Visuals.